Batman Arkham Knight Features GTA 5-Inspired Character Switch

Batman Arkham Knight Features GTA 5-Inspired Character Switch
The latest trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight has emerged online, ahead of the game's release date on June 23, revealing a new gameplay feature. As well as showcasing some of Gotham's most notorious villains, such as Two-Face and Scarecrow, the video …
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GTA 5 mod shows what happens when whales fall out of the sky
Using GTA 5 trainer Script Hook, YouTuber Merfish has created a helpful video demonstrating what can happen if whales start falling out of the sky. Things explode, inevitably, but interestingly enough sometimes they just bounce back from whence they …
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GTA 5 fans are in for a treat as Rockstar unveil their latest project of top
ROCKSTAR have been giving GTA 5 fans more treats this week after unveiling a new range of fan-generated projects using the latest tech included in the editor tools. By Gary Jones. PUBLISHED: 16:12, Mon, Apr 27, 2015 | UPDATED: 16:43, Mon, Apr 27, …

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