Bodrum in Turkey

Bodrum in Turkey

For some time now the resort of Bodrum in Turkey has become a favourite place for the young and lively to spend a holiday or two at.  Although one of the smaller resorts in this country around the Bodrum Peninsula the visitors found a large selection of good quality bars and clubs to spend time in. 

The most well known of all of these is the Halikarnas Night Club and which has been open for many years now.  This is actually the third largest open air night club you will find in Europe today and has capacity to allow 2,500 clubbers in its doors each night.  Throughout the whole of the summer months there are number of events taking place in this club included themed nights and foam parties. 

But not only is there this club one can visit when in Bodrum there is also the sailing Catamaran nightclub.  This is something that is completely unique to this country and has proven extremely popular with the young tourists who come to this resort to enjoy its nightlife.  The vessel leaves dock and then allows its passengers to dance the night away out at sea whilst enjoying a wonderful view of the town of Bodrum. 

When it comes to what you would expect to spend on a night out in Bodrum you may be amazed at how much prices for drinks vary from one bar and club to another.  In some they may only charge you around 5 liras (£2) for a beer then in others it can be as much as 25 liras (£10).

If you want to avoid paying such exorbitant prices don’t be afraid to ask the locals which clubs and bars they would recommend you use during your visit to Bodrum.  Also make sure that you only carry enough cash you for that evening and no more.  This way you are reducing the risk of you using up all your spending money in one night.

This information has been researched on behalf of Club la Costa Turkey who have vacation resorts in Spain, Turkey, Austria, Scotland, USA and the UK.