Clothing To Avoid During Fall And Winter

Clothing To Avoid During Fall And Winter
As summer comes to an end men start to wonder what to wear come fall and winter. While that is a very vital question to ask oneself, a question that is even as essential to ask is “what not to wear”.

The following are a few tips of what not wear com fall and winter.

Monotonous-Colored Sweaters in a Gloomy Economy – Warm it up a Little!

The economic climate has been bad over the last couple of years and it seemed like fashion designers stopped doing their thing as far as color in men’s clothing is concerned. Luckily, fashion trends have changed such that there is a more robust palette of bold colors.

Darkish purple, green and deep shades of red became rather popular in the fall of 2010. On top of making you look warm and nice, they also added color to 09’s technique dark browns and gloomy greys. But do not get too excited, you should avoid bright reds and pinks this fall.

Pointed Boots – Pointing Away from Style

Pointed boots are outdated. they don’t have a fresh tone. And even though some men think they can still pull off the cowboy look in these, they are mistaken. As the name goes, pointed shoes are pointing faraway from today’s trends.

Mild Colored Jeans – Too Light for the Bold Fall

New seasons bring new colors. Just like the leaf that changes from bright green to orange and yellow during the fall the clothing fashions tend to do the same. In spring and summer, bright clothes will do but in winter and fall it is good to change to a darker tone of cloth option.

The Skinny on “Skinny” Jeans

Skinny jeans were a terrific hit in the 80’s and some time in 2007. However doing it anymore is more off putting than a show of style. It is time to take your skinny jeans assortment and place them in a carton someplace in the basement or burn them totally because you may never need them again.

Smell Bold, Not Fruity

It is common knowledge that men can become a little intense when it comes to use of cologne and fragrances. The more you use the less it becomes a cologne but an air freshener. And who said everyone you come across will like the smell. You should always use a lighter cologne with a floral feel.

Some of the best and safe choices include brands such as Aqua Di Gio, Eternity Summer for Men, Lacoste Essentials, and Kenneth Cole Reaction ; but they are more suitable for spring and summer. Warmer and masculine colognes should be better for fall and winter. Oil based colognes usually have more spice attributes and scents like Eternity and Herrera (original) are a great choice for the fall.

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