Free Bubble Games Are Fun for All of the Family

Free Bubble Games Are Fun for All of the Family

If you’re a parent that wants your child to enjoy some harmless fun on the internet or even an adult looking for some escapism, free bubble games are a family-friendly option.

Since the advent of the Taito Corporation’s 1986 smash-hit game, Bubble Bobble, the bubble shooter genre has become incredibly popular and successful.

Web developers have created numerous adaptations of the platform, introducing new elements to keep it fresh. Now there is a wide range of free bubble games online at quality gaming portals, guaranteed to keep everyone entertained for hours.

Point and shoot

The Japanese Bubble Bobble and its follow-up, Puzzle Bobble, paved the way for a number of clones. Two dinosaurs, Bub and Bob, aim a pointer at coloured bubbles hanging from the ceiling. They then have to fire their own bubbles and form a chain of three or more identically-coloured bubbles to pop them.

When in control of the pointer, you have to be quick: time is ticking and the bubbles will get progressively lower if you take too long in popping them all, meaning you could get squashed!

In the original format, there were also different enemies, revised again in the various sequels.

Modern bubble shooter games borrow from their predecessors’ simple yet addictive game play. There is also evidence of the “cute” Japanese visuals that came to be associated with the format. Bright colours are the norm and various animals often appear, making for an attractive gaming experience.

A fresh perspective

Web developers have taken the bubble game format and created a selection of variants to further enhance its appeal.

For instance, rather than the traditional bubbles, some games use balloons that you must pop with darts. The mechanics are generally the same and they can still be found amongst the other free bubble games.

Even existing popular games console characters have been given their own bubble shooter variant. You can now opt to help ‘Super’ Mario collect fruit for the Princess by matching three or more symbols to clear the screen.

Colourful and fun free bubble games are a great way to while away a few minutes, or even hours! You can even increase their difficulty if you fancy a more challenging experience. Be careful though: bubble games are seriously addictive!

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