Going Green Without Going Broke

Going Green Without Going Broke

I just got back from Trader Joe’s where I picked up some organic peanut butter, organic almond milk, organic whole wheat bread, and organic apricot preserves for my organic lunch. Why, well like many people I have come to the conclusion that synthetic chemicals are a major cause of cancer, so I decided to “Go Green.”

Going Green has become a major money maker for the producers of green products, to a point where I can say they abuse their power. Trader Joe’s is an excellent example of a company that makes going green very affordable to main stream America. Safeway supermarkets are another good example of making green products affordable with their ‘O’ organics brand.

Why is it possible that some companies can sell affordable green products and others can’t? From my experience in manufacturing soy candles I have found that the main reason behind this discrepancy is profits. This country has tens of thousands of Soy Candle manufacturers and resellers who make a huge profit off many trusting consumers who want to make an effort to go green.

One example of this is the standard unscented soy tealight candle that can be considered a very green product. One company sells a 10pk of Unscented Soy Tealights for $ 24.40 ($ 2.44 each), if we compare this to Eger Soy Candle’s online price of $ 6.99 ($ 0.58 each) for a 12pk unscented soy tealights we find that the first company is making a much larger profit of $ 18.60 on a 10pk.

How does this happen? Why doesn’t the consumer know that they are being ripped off? Well it is all caused by the hype that green products are supposed to be more expensive. It doesn’t cost $ 24.40 to produce ten tiny candles; this is soy wax not gold wax. Another company states that they have the lowest prices online, they sell a 25pk of soy tealights for $ 16.25(0.65 each), yet this company has just announced that due to soy wax price increases that they will be increasing their prices later this month. Even at a 25cent increase per pound of soy wax (1lb makes 32 tealights), this would only increase the price of 25 soy tealights by less than 20cents. Soy wax is not a scarce resource, and consumers shouldn’t fall for these marketing gimmicks.

My suggestion for going green without going broke is to do your homework and realize that you shouldn’t have to pay more to live healthier. Companies like Trader Joes, Safeway, and Eger Soy Candle have the consumer’s best interest in mind by keeping Green products affordable.

So if you too want to go green without going broke, do your research and find a cheaper supplier for your scented and unscented soy candles and other green products by visiting EgerSoyCandles.com – home of the .99 12pk of Naturally Unscented Soy Tealights.

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