GTA V Casino DLC Release Date Might Be This Year? Realistic gameplay to

GTA V Casino DLC Release Date Might Be This Year? Realistic gameplay to
GTA V Casino DLC is one of the most anticipated downloadable updates from Rockstar Games. When it was first announced last 2013, many of their avid fans have been waiting for its official launching. Good news for everyone is that the said DLC might …
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Grand Theft Auto V For PC Patch 1.01 Fixes Frame Rate Issues, Erroneous
Barely a week after the launch, Rockstar Games has released the first patch for Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) – the PC version. The Patch 1.01 fixes several problems being reported by players such as the frame rate issue, game crashes, erroneous eyebrow, …
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Everything You Need to Know About Playing GTA V at 60fps on Your PC
The PC release of GTA V could be one of the most eagerly anticipated gaming events of the past few years. Rockstar Games' franchise has been out for a while on current- and previous-gen consoles, but PC loyalists have had to wait. It turns out the wait …
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