Hover: Revolt of Gamers leaked beta soundtrack by Hideki Naganuma Hover: Revolt of Gamers free pc game full version

Hover: Revolt of Gamers leaked beta soundtrack by Hideki NaganumaHover: Revolt of Gamers

On Febuary 26, music files downloaded from Hideki Naganuma’s Mac were published on Reddit by the hacker group COMRACK. The leak amounted to 12TB of data: Naganuma’s personal files, his music collection, software and sample libraries, and music projects made in Digital Performer.
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Note: since the hackers rerendered the tracks, the material lacks polish and audio mixing. Also, it’s BETA. It’s likely that some of the tracks were rejected.


01:52 GAMERSHQ10.WAV (21 August 2016)
05:22 GAMEBALL_TOURNAMENT5.WAV (15 January 2017)
08:29 CREDITS1.WAV (19 January 2015)
12:02 DISTRICTB_NIGHT.WAV (3 July 2014)
14:39 MAINMENU2.WAV (20 June 2014)
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