How to Download and Install iOS 10 Beta on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

How to Download and Install iOS 10 Beta on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touchdownload

How to Download and Install iOS 10 Beta on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Apple has made iOS 10 public beta available as a free download. If you want to try out the newest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, you can do so now. A word of caution – be sure to backup your iOS device before you download and install iOS 10 public beta. Be aware that this isn’t the final version of iOS 10 and that it will have quite a few bugs and that your favourite apps may stop working entirely. We strongly advise that if you’re going to install iOS 10 public beta, don’t do it on your primary iOS device.

Download the iOS 10 Beta here:
Detailed instructions on Downloading and Installing iOS 10 Beta here:

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