How to Get a Free Mentor

How to Get a Free Mentor

So you’re looking to get into the world of Internet Marketing and everywhere you turn people say „you need a mentor”. Problem is, you don’t have a dime to your name and your credit cards are maxed out. That’s why you want to score it big on the Internet, other people are doing it and seem to be succeeding, right?

What all of these people have in common is their relationships with people in the same field. Some call it mastermind groups, some call it networking, but overall it’s a form of mentoring. In order to get a free mentor there’s a few things you should try to do.

1) Don’t expect that everyone will take the „scrub my back, I’ll scrub yours” mentality. Everyone’s time is precious and unless they’re a very good friend, the likelihood of them taking you up on a free mentorship is probably less than zero. Bartering for mentoring is typically a no-no, unless again, you have an ongoing relationship with someone.

2) Join a forum of other Internet Marketers and make connections. There’s plenty of conversations to be had, and more than likely you have something to contribute. Forums alone may provide enough information for you that you may think you don’t need a mentor, but a mentor will help you process the information you receive.

3) Mastermind groups or Networking groups. I think no matter where you live, there is a mastermind group or at the very least a networking group. You can find one of like-minds (such as Internet Marketing) or one just for ladies (if that happens to be your gender) or just a general one. The cost of these is usually free or fairly low. Chamber of Commerce’s are expensive networking groups. Don’t go down that route. Meeting these people face to face and really establishing relationships can lead to a free mentor and friend that can help you along the way. In turn you may be helping them as well. The student can become the teacher.

4) Seminars or Workshops. These prove to be invaluable. I have found that many of them can be free if you call in a favor to someone or if you follow a „guru” that is co-hosting. Never feel embarrassed to explore as many avenues as possible to get in free. Seminars are weekend long all encompassing business events and should be taken seriously as a note-taking weekend. Pay attention to speakers and get to know people. Follow up on promises made, contact after you’ve left, and keep in contact with them. Show an interest in them.

Emma Stery is a different kind of Internet Marketer. Her sole purpose is to help others achieve success online by teaching them to help themselves and not be dependent upon others for their success.