How to Install Linux on PS3

How to Install Linux on PS3

So you want to know how to install Linux on your PS3, huh? Well if you do not know what Linux is, it is an operating system just like Windows. This software is available for free online and there are different versions available to suit different needs.

The process is quite simple. After you have backed up all your saved files, you can go ahead and format your hard drive. Go to ‚System Settings’ then ‚Format Utility’. You will be asked whether you want to format your hard drive. Select ‚Yes’. Now for the partition setting choose the ‚Custom’ setting. This will allow you to allot 10 gigabytes to another operating system.

Insert into your PS3’s disk drive your Ubuntu Linux software that you have downloaded free online and have burnt to a disc as an ISO image file. Go to ‚System Settings’ then scroll down to ‚Install Other OS’. The system will carry out a scan and the disk you inserted into the disk drive should be picked up.

Once you select ‚Enter’ a blue boot screen will pop up, the same as you see on a computer and you will be guided through all the installation steps just like you would be when installing any other software on your computer. Your controller will stop working during this process so you need to have your USB mouse and keyboard plugged in before you start.

During the installation process, do not unplug anything that is plugged into your console or else a red screen will pop up saying installation failure. So even just your external hard drive, do not unplug anything or else the whole process will be canceled and you have to restart.

Remember the software does take a while to install on your PS3, you have to be patient. Once you have installed it, remove the CD from the drive or the system will try access it again when you want to boot your new Linux partition.

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