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PC Specs | Buy Now :
Cabinet: Corsair 760t
Motherboard: Gigabyte X99 UD4
RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB DDR4 2800mhz
SSD: Corsair Neutron GTX 480 GB
GPU: Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970
CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i GTX
Monitor: BenQ XL 2411 24 Inch 144hz Gaming Monitor
Power Supply: Corsair AX2011i
Keyboard: Corsair K70 RGB Mechanical
Mouse: Zowie EC1-A
Mousepad: Zowie G-SR
Bungee: Zowie Camade
Headset: Thermaltake Shock 3D 7.1

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