iOS Apps Accessing UDIDs Rejected by Apple After Upheaval of Privacy Issue

iOS Apps Accessing UDIDs Rejected by Apple After Upheaval of Privacy Issue

According to the reports, iOS applications which limit unique device identifiers (UDIDs) in iPhones and iPads are being rejected by Apple. It is a move which comply with the interest of lawmaker into how mobile apps collect and use the data of consumer. In August 2011, Apple warned iOS developers that their access to UDIDs will be limited by it. Apple stated on its website that UDID access “has been superseded and may become unsupported in the future.” That time, developers were able to create identifiers unique to each individual application, according to Apple. As per the report of TechCrunch, Apple started reaching out to some developers some weeks ago and urged them to stop their reliance on UDIDs. Now, the new apps submissions which incorporate UDID use are being aggressively rejected by Apple.

In addition, the TechCrunch report said that two of 10 App Store review teams are being directed by Apple to reject any submissions which access UDIDs. That number will soon grow to four teams, and will continuingly keep on increasing until all 10 teams will start dismissing apps which continue to influence UDIDs. UDIDs have been relied by developers and social gaming platforms for collecting personal data about consumers, and even detailed profiles outlining their way to use data are being built by it. Mobile advertising networks also have the dependence on UDIDs as a campaign targeting tool, which track the users from app to app for determining how, when and why they react to campaigns. According to Jim Payne, CEO of real-time bidding platform MoPub, the UDID is necessary to manage the conversion loop, and all the impact of this not being there will be on all the performance dollars which are spent on mobile.

In the previous week, letters were mailed to Apple and 33 iOS developer partners which include Path, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, foursquare and LinkedIn by U.S. Representatives Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.) and G. K. Butterfield (D-N.C.) to determine some things. They were willing to determining how users’ data is gathered by iOS, what they do with it, and what notices are provided by them to consumers. As per the US housing committee on Energy & Commerce statement, lawmakers are willing the information to start building an understanding of the privacy and security practices in the app marketplace which should be fact-based. The time till April 12, 2012 has been given to the developers for responding.

The letters were sent after the discovery that entire address books can be uploaded by some iOS apps to their servers complete with names, telephone numbers and email address. In the previous month, It was said by Apple that the software would by upgraded to ensure that the developers would be able to access only the contact data of users after receiving their consent to do that. The announcement was made by Apple after Path application came under fire for collecting and storing the contacts of users.
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