Laptop Screen Disaster ? Try to Avoid a Cracked laptop screen in your household during 2012

Laptop Screen Disaster ? Try to Avoid a Cracked laptop screen in your household during 2012

With the tough economic times we are currently enduring people want their laptops to keep running for longer than in the past. Whereas in the past the first problem with a laptop resulted in a trip down to the local computer store to buy a new laptop, nowadays people are thinking twice before going out and spending this money. Repair is now becoming more fashionable than replace!!

One of the most common repairs people find themselves having to make is to repair a cracked laptop screen. Whilst the price of replacement laptop screens have fallen over the past 12 months, it is still not something you want to have to go through if you can avoid it. Below the Laptop Power UK engineering team has put together a few bits of advice to try and reduce the chances of your household needing to replace their laptop panel.

Tip #1: Don’t pick laptops up and carry them by their screen

Often the reason that a laptop screen needs replacing is not because of some huge crack in it. Rather it is because of a small crack or thumbprint that has been caused by someone picking up and lifting the laptop by its screen. Remember laptop screens are fragile, and they are getting more fragile over time as manufacturers make them thinner. Don’t take short cuts – close the laptop lid, or carry the laptop by its base it if needs to be moved.

Tip #2: Watch out of pens left on keyboards

It may seem like odd advice, but a large proportion of laptop screen replacements are the result of someone leaving their pen or biro on their laptop keyboard, forgetting it is there, and then closing the lid on top of it. This invariably results in the need for a new laptop screen. The advice here is simple – don’t keep stationary on your laptop keyboard. Simple.

Tip #3: Keep laptops away from the edge of sofas and the edge of beds

One of the great things about laptops is that they can be used in any room of the house. However one of the drawbacks to this is that they can often be left in unsuitable locations. It goes without saying that many a laptop has had its screen cracked as a result of being left on the arm of a sofa or the edge of a bed. Keep your laptop out of harm’s way and remove the need to incur laptop screen repair bills this Christmas.

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