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'GTA 5' Online Money Glitch PC: 'Cheat Engine' Exploit Earns Billions In
"GTA 5" money cheats has been popular among both last gen and current gen consoles for quite a while now. Surely, the latest "GTA 5" PC gamers won't be left out either. In fact, while previous money exploits required grinding for mere millions, "GTA 5" …
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Update to GTA 5 disables mods, but there's already a workaround
Reports of players using invisibility glitches and god modding in GTA Online have been made, much to the displeasure of gamers that don't modify their gameplay. Not all mods are nefarious though, some of them just turn you into whales or cats. Others …
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This is what GTA 5 looks like through an Oculus Rift
It was never going to take long for modders to bring VR support to Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC. The game doesn't officially support the Oculus Rift (yet), but naturally people are finding ways around the problem. The mod isn't perfect – the headset merely …
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