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GTA V Is Beautiful When You Just Sit And Watch
Video: Not everyone who has GTA V on PC and is recording it is trying to be funny. The increased draw distance and improved lighting also makes for some very pretty transitions between night and day, as seen in this timelapse video by Tree Plays.
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GTA V At 4K 60 FPS Is Attainable With a 0 Graphics Solution
It's been a little over two days since GTA V launched on PC and already the hotly anticipated title has broken several records. On day one the game sold over one million digital copies on Steam alone. And frankly this isn't an entirely surprising …
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Is It Worth Transferring Your GTA V Save Data to PC?
The time is finally upon us, PC owners. Graphics drivers are updated to get the most from our cards. Hard drives are opened up for 65GB of GTA V. Vacations have been booked from work. Significant others have been informed that our time may be a little …
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