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This Year, Be Thankful That This Video Of Sarah Palin's Turkey Massacre Still
For one day each year, the turkey gets its time to shine. While most of that shining is done quite literally, as the glazed centerpiece of Thanksgiving feasts around the nation, a few fortunate fowl are granted pardons and given a chance to live out …
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“It is for giving thanks to God for a turkey:” What people outside the US
“Thanksgiving is, if I recall correctly, because some early European settlers in North America were starving as winter approached and then some natives gave them some food, possibly a turkey, and then the settlers said thank you, and then in return …
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6 expert tips for making a great turkey
Stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce – they all are great.But at the end of the day, Thanksgiving is all about the bird. And getting it right — delivering a succulent, perfectly browned, magazine-worthy turkey — presents the …
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