Lijiang meals, lodging, New Games

Lijiang meals, lodging, New Games
Recent Lijiang often see some outdated Raiders, such as the Elephant Prince market prices of pork to 60 per pot has been a surprise, was also said to be 25 per pot, Beam River has received 50 tickets, and also Now enter the Beam River often checked 80 of the city maintenance costs, was also said to be free, Black Dragon Pool park is already open, just to check the old city maintenance costs 80 yuan, also have the original Shangri-La Hut tickets The 30 yuan rose to 85 yuan. In view of this, as a life in Lijiang Lijiang years and loved the people, have the responsibility to inform themselves know the exact information you ready to Lijiang

Travel Visitors to be arranged in advance.
Food articles: Most famous is the bridge in Yunnan rice noodle and Qi Guoji, there are a wide variety of wild mushroom. The more famous Lijiang local snacks and hot pot are mostly such as jelly beans, chicken, grilled fish Naxi, Lijiang Baba, wax pot pork ribs, potato and chicken hot pot, black goat hot pot. Also we all eaten salmon, but I am afraid people who eat small live salmon in Lijiang you can eat and not expensive, restaurant is the price point is slaughtered and the coastal cities of supermarket sales of frozen products almost. Lijiang has the whole of China’s largest salmon farming base, because salmon are cold-water fish, the snow-capped mountains at the foot of the glacier melt water, whether water quality or temperature are particularly suitable for farming salmon, salmon fry Lijiang is imported from Norway, particularly the meat quality of live salmon delicious fresh, and frozen food products usually taste the taste is totally different, highly recommended taste. Snow Mountain Lijiang, a kind of fish and other specialties, this is a property of the freshwater fish of the Lijiang, only a fish bone, not a small thorn, delicious fresh, about a pound of weight, in other places not so delicious eaten freshwater fish, is also recommended. Below describes several personal view is that the higher cost restaurants.

1, Metro Market December Xiangshan ribs: big tankers from the city to spend seven yuan taxi to the main entrance of Xiangshan market and walk about 100 meters turn left 20 meters, the Prince will see a lot of home ribs hot pot restaurants, including La ribs Yujie is said to be the most authentic, but I think that each of the practices and the basic taste like material is mainly preserved ribs, celery, tomatoes, leek roots. Taste good, but salty, Kouqing who may not be suitable. 50 yuan for a big pot before, enough to feed 3,4, from last year rose to 60 per pot, weight is not as much before, but two people to eat enough. Drawback is that health conditions and the dining environment is not ideal, high demand to stop.

2, Metro Pacific security potato chicken: in the East three hundred meters Xiangshan market, materials are used in Lijiang, the local security of the potatoes too, that is, potatoes, this potato taste soft, tender chicken with locally made Lijiang soup really good food, taste is spicy, salty fit, 80 a pot, enough to feed 3-4. Drawback is poor sanitation and dining.

3, black goat hot pot: Kincaid Square in the vicinity of large water tankers from the city entrance to 7 yuan a taxi, tell the driver to a street can be black goat. Almost the whole street is black goat hot pot restaurants. This is the Lijiang specialties, the use of black goats in the mountain-range, after special processing, and taste a little taste no smell of mutton sheep, and have some tonic effect. Should talk to the boss asked to see the gut, gut really is as thick as a small finger, thumb seems as if the rough, it will not gut it or any other intestinal cow intestines had. Goes with the trail to describe a narrow road that is the truth instead. Such as mutton and Haggis is usually 30-35 per pound, and some children there are donkey meat shop, price as. Home entrance A life more well-known, but may need to wait. Disadvantages are also poor sanitary conditions.

4, the old salt to help Sichuan dishes: the Sam Ka Tsuen turntable next to the walk out from the loyalty market, 10 minutes, which the Sichuan variety, quantity sufficient, fair prices. Sichuan not only inherited the tradition, part of the food they combine the characteristics of the local dishes for all tastes of people. General per capita consumption of 20? 25 per appearance, sanitation is not bad.

5, Ancient Moon Pavilion bar: the ancient city east of the entrance a large water truck south of Yunnan Rural Credit Cooperatives 50 meters on the right, this is one of Lijiang’s oldest restaurant, where guests can enjoy the traditional Naxi exposed building a framework to understand them without a nail a riveting and can survive for hundreds of years, after being overthrown in the secret strength of the earthquake. Current owner is the people of Hong Kong, lived in Japan for many years later to settle in Lijiang, occasional guest a song in Japan or Hong Kong. This is a

Music Restaurant, daily 18:00 to 11:00 with singers singing Guangxi good singer Xiao Ke, who is also handsome, the atmosphere was done quite well. Sichuan and Lijiang here mainly snack. Salmon that live on top of the signature dishes here, a 88 pound fish to eat three, the head of fish soup, salt and pepper skin, do fish sashimi, sashimi with the authentic Japanese Kikkoman soy sauce. Another city in general sell more than a dozen dollars a Naxi grilled fish here only sell a 5 yuan, 10 yuan of chicken normally sell jelly beans here sell for 2 a, there are potato chicken hot pot, wax pot ribs are 68 per 1 pot, enough for 2-3 people with weight, taste good, salty appropriate. Where health conditions are good, dining and elegant surroundings. Drawback is that customers want to share the joy of past songs and are not equipped with windows, cold in the winter, but mentioned views, the boss bought two large heaters, conditions improved.

6, Old Town Sir, you restaurants: 51 Street No. 57 Wenhua Lane, near the bridge in 10 000 children. Owner is Northeast people, the main north-east cooking, weight is adequate, affordable, and tastes good. Also recently opened a branch nearby, the main pot, fish pot, lamb hot pot, oxtail hot pot, chicken hot pot, a cauldron full price of 68-88 dollars, however, is very affordable and tastes very good. Health conditions are good, dining and elegant surroundings. Drawback is the location a bit biased.

7, city parking lot entrance, and Orchid Street bridge rice noodle shops are: taste good, reasonable price, to Yunnan should try.

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