Maruti Suzuki Sx4 Zxi

Maruti Suzuki Sx4 Zxi

No Compromise On Safety

The professional verdict has it. This car can be rated as the no-noisy, great pick-up car enabling a smooth zip-zap even on rough roads. Channelizing the distance with a peppy drive, Maruti Suzuki SX4 ZXi, with a little tap on the accelerator, zooms with good speed.

Key Features

The car’s fuel average rates up to 12 km per liter of petrol. The ZXi, in contrast to the VXi model, provides a high ground clearance of 190 mm, a road-runner. The catch-up speed of Maruti SX4 can be rated good as it can be calculated up to 12.1 seconds to 100kph. Moreover, incorporated is a strong mid-range that increases swiftness in the movement of the car, from 2500rpm to 5000rpm.

To enable speeding up on corners, the car grants a great grip and incorporated wide tyres. The engine has a firm instant brake in combo with the anti-lock system ascertaining a comfortable and secure ride, in case of rapid speed change. Coming to the fuel economy, the SX4 engine gives 9.3kpl on city roads and 14.5kpl on highways.

The interior design of the car is a little advanced Maruti version, demonstrating great comfort design interest. Space is not an issue with Maruti Suzuki SX4 ZXi. The big wheels are a drawback to the look factor but provide a function of being at height, protecting the base of the car especially on speed breakers. The slant faced car along with a similar beltline imparts a look so sleek.

With an enormous 500-litre boot, Maruti SX4 ZXi is operated with an electric power steering. Black interiors underscore the macho look in contrast to chrome. A rare-but-great combination! Power window buttons are a part of the opulent automobile. The car also provides a bottle-holder on all door pockets and has an option of leather seats.


The speed potentiality of the engine is apparently compromised; since it lacks the optimum usage. It could have otherwise been a great performing car provided there was a changing valve timing operating system. A change in the speed is not supported by the already suspension setup of the SX4, as it is way too stiff, making it uncomfortable to ride with drastic change in speed. Attention-seeking, the car requires constant modifications for a comfort ride, owing to its inconsistent steering.


The sedan compiles style, performance, security, and comfort. Popular among the car connoisseurs, this car comes in enchanting colors from the palette and gains significance in the eyes of potential buyers. It can be rated to possess good; but not great looks. Summarizing the equipments, SX4 stands quality. Maruti offers ABS, Airbags, temperature control, leather seats, and audio controls on remote.

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