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Mesa Asphalt and Crack Sealing 480-553-9779
Mesa Parking Lot Asphalt Crack Sealing

Here in Mesa, Arizona with a huge a fluctuation in the temperatures from the winter to the summer months every asphalt parking lot experienceS cracking. Asphalt cracking is in evitable in Mesa. Here at Mesa Asphalt and Striping Company we specialize in asphalt and crack repair, along with Sealcoating and parking lot striping.

Cracks result from various factors including freezing, and the natural settlement of the asphalt parking lot area. Property owners and property management companies have learned the hard way that if they allow the cracks to get away from them they will cause them much more damage, where the parking lot eventually will not even be able to be repaired, but must be replaced.

Here at Mesa Asphalt and Striping Company we help them stay ahead of the curve and extend the life of their asphalt parking lot.

While some cracks are manageable others are not. The ones that are not are those that are caused by structural fatigue in the pavement, we call it „alligator” cracking in the industry. It makes good sense to properly maintain the cracks before they get out of hand. Anything over a quarter of an inch wide we suggest you have it sealed immediately.

The most affordable and beneficial way to extend the life of your parking lot is to have it crack repaired and sealcoated every 12 to 18 months.

A key component to a good parking lot maintenance program is keeping water out of the base layers of asphalt where it is likely to cause the most damage. By having an effective crack repair maintenance program is not difficult to keep the water out to protect the integrity of the asphalt.

Mesa asphalt and striping company have crack repaired ,sealcoated and striped many, many parking lots here in the Mesa and Scottsdale area. After we have sealcoated a parking lot for one of our clients we always suggest to them that it is time to consider a long-term parking lot management plan. After all, just by completing the Sealcoating process, the life of the parking lot has been substantially extended.

Mesa Asphalt and Striping Company has the expertise and experience to develop a cost effective, convenient and ultra beneficial parking lot management plan specifically tailored to fit all of our clients needs.

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