My first gameplay MEGA SNAKE

My first gameplay MEGA

this whas my first gameplay.
its a fery fun game that looks like

Highlights Of 2.0! ( | Episode 2 |

I recorded myself playing for about two hours and pulled out all the highlights. I then put those all into this video, and I hope you enjoy(ed) watching them! If you watch my technique in gaining mass, you can figure out how to become a better player yourself. I have found that circling the opponent and quickly turning in front of them works pretty well. If you have any more ideas, leave them in the comments!


Wontolla, Kasger & Limitless – Miles Away [NCS Release]

➞ SoundCloud
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➞ SoundCloud
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➞ Twitter

Arc North – Lost Time

Link to the track:…

My friends in this video:

Maddie (MADsoccer8)

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    Great Video!

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    nice gameplay :)

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    ja consegui muito mais mds

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    HEY i liked ur videos keep up the good work i subbed to you can u try subbing back to me thx
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