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Interview #1 (of 3)
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Image by illusionwaltz
Another meme thinger! I got (self)tagged by Nomi800
Feel free to modify the questions to fit!
If you’re seeing it you’re automatically tagged (that’s the initial rule? I’m not sure)
Today is Fahren, tomorrow I’ll post Eddie’s and then Viv for last ^-^

1. How do you feel having been one of the three peeps picked out for the interview meme? People voted for you!! ?
→ Fahren: It kinda surprised me actually! Thank you for the cuties who voted on me <3

2. What was your childhood like?
→ Fahren: Hnng, I’m not going to enter in much details, let’s keep the moods up in here… but in general, my mama and nainai took care of me while they could. I came up well anyway and I was generally happy. I had good parents~

3. If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?
→ Fahren: Give us some money or then at least a medical insurance to my nainai. I think she could be still alive if we had some better conditions… pfft. Oh well. *shrug*

4. How much do you weigh?
→ Fahren: Shhhh, no. Never ask something like that to a lady~

5. Have you ever loved and lost?
→ Fahren: Errr, nah.

6- What do you do for a living, and why?
→ Fahren: I’m the manager of a spa. I’ve been sticking up in there since my first contract, as secretary. It was still a small biz back then and I had to book everything up by myself, but now we’ve got plentiful of people. Things are running very smoothly, my boss is the babest babe in our office <3 I’m pretty happy about it.

7. What kind of music do you listen to? Do you play any instruments? If so, which ones?
→ Fahren: Anything, really! I’m very eclectic about it, huhu. Although Pop and the dance-y ones are my favorites ?
I don’t really play anything… but I’d love to learn keyboards. Or anything else! Free classes anyone?

8. How old are you?
→ Fahren: Blossom of age la. Twenty four~

9. What is the most annoying thing in the world?
→ Fahren: Wanting to blot up your lipstick and having no handkerchief or some paper available :/ Not even yelling customers do annoy me more than this…

10. What is your favorite word?
→ Fahren: Not a word, but POK GAI!!! It feels great to shout it out.

11. Do you have any interesting hobbies?
→ Fahren: I keep all the used tub stubbies from my lipsticks after they’re gone. I have literally a bucket of it. Okay… that’s not really a hobby. I just don’t know what to say :/ I club, go shopping an to the beach sometimes, pretty average for my age?

12. What’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you…?
→ Fahren: Maybe the engagement proposal I got back in my teens. It was so uncalled, but so awkwardly cute too. He even got on his knees to give me the ring and said some bunch mushy of speech, all of that stuff you know tsc tsc ?
I think about it and realize of how it was silly, back then…

-…buuuut then what happened??

→ Fahren: …..uhm. I… pawned it ?

-…you pawned off the ring you got? OAO

→ Fahren: Uh-huh :/
I know! No need to say anything. Doing something like that probably makes me sound heartless and a mega-bitch, but… you don’t understaaaaand, I really needed that money! =A=;; I worked as homemaker and waitress, my shifts sucked, my pay sucked, my bosses rode on my back all the time, it was hell.
Don’t worry, I made up to my mistake and the poor thing survived the heartbreak. I even repaid to him later.

13. PFFFT, okay then. Everyone has an adrenaline fix, what’s yours?
→ Fahren: I get on my bike and go pedalling super fast with my dog running beside me on the park, on weekends. He’s a cutie and the best coach I could ask for <3

14. What do you do to relax at the end of a long day?
→ Fahren: I have some fun with my friends or whomever might be staying over…. if you know what I mean~~

15. Do you have any obsessions?
→ Fahren: I don’t think so… I’m pretty normal in all my likes (I think) :3

16. What is your nationality?
→ Fahren: Taiwanese!

17. What languages can you speak?
→ Fahren: Mandarin, Hokkien, english and italian.

18. If you could own ANY animal in the world as a pet, what would it be?
→ Fahren: A dinosaur! Imagine how many leather bags, good shoes and awesome belts I could make out of it? *A*
Just kidding, don’t hit me XD

19. What do others think your best quality is?
→ Fahren: My lips! I get a lot of compliments on it. ?

20. Who do you consider to be your hero?
→ Fahren: Ana Matronic!! Or then Maryse Ouellet. I watched the whole Diva Championship because of her :O

21. Have you ever been in a fight? Did you win?
→ Fahren: Hnnng, just those high school bitch-slapping hair-pulling face-scratching tit-punching things in a long looong time ago. What girl didn’t go through these things? It’s kind of a passage rite to womanhood.
I’m pretty peaceful nowadays…

22. What’s a random thing you find yourself doing every day?
→ Fahren: I blot up my lipstick like every half-hour, more or less. I can go pretty obsessive with it.

23. SPEED FAVORITES GO! Book, Movie, Game, Food, Drink, Color!?
→ Fahren: Some from Virginia Woolf’s collection (Can’t choose!!), Bikini Bandits, I don’t play games, nantou with mushrooms! Jello margaritas and purple ;3

24. Where is your house located and what is it like? Do you live alone or does someone live with you?
→ Fahren: I live alone. It’s a little apartment on the suburb. We don’t have much room for a barbecue or these things, but at least I got a pretty roomy place for guests <3

25. What is the most sentimental thing you own and why?
→ Fahren: A framed portrait of tiny me, mama and nainai. It’s a very old picture…
Because it’s family stuff, obviously.

26. Are you in a relationship? How’s it working out for you?
→ Fahren: Naww, no. Not in a relationship, so guess I can’t really answer to that </3

27. What’s the worst you’ve ever been injured or sick?
→ Fahren: Hmm, I’ve broke an arm once and I got sprained toes a couple times. I’ve had flu, chicken pox, etc etc, but nothing else too threatening or surprising. Just the same things as everyone. Thankfully maybe? :/

28. What scares you the most?
→ Fahren: Getting pregnant. Or maybe getting some bad disease. I keep myself checked regularly…

29. Something random about you that people don’t know?
→ Fahren: I love yard sales. Specially yard sales of dead people’s stuff… huhu. Might sound freaky to some, but sometimes you can find really good stuff! I’ve found several shoes and bags of high quality for suuuuch a friendly price ;D

30. Do you have any pets?
→ Fahren: I’ve mentioned already, my dog. His name is Ba-wan and he’s my big ball of mush <3

31. Okay that’s all!!! What did you think of this interview?
→ Fahren: It was fun! I hope there is another sometime else ?

Global Player
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Image by Daniela Hartmann (alles-schlumpf)
© Daniela Hartmann,

"Kannst du einen Stern anrühren?" fragt man das kluge Kind. "Ja", sagt es, neigt sich und berührt die Erde.
Hugo von Hofmannsthal (1874-1929).

Ich habe mich ja schon oft gefragt, wie ein Global Player aussieht. Jetzt weiß ich jetzt, denn ich habe einen Global Player mit seinem Spielball getroffen und durfte beide sogar fotografieren.
Das ist natürlich "Woody" von IKEA, der gerade ein bisschen mit der Erde spielt. Das Licht kommt von unten. Bilder entstehen bei mir zuerst im Kopf, die Umsetzung ist dann Nebensache.


"Can you touch a star?", I am asking an intelligent child?. "Yes", the child tells me by tilting the head and touching the earth.
Hugo von Hofmannsthal (1874-1929).

How many times I have asked myself how is the visual nature of a Global Player? Now, I know it because I have met one with his match-ball.
I have photographed "Woody", the IKEA-man while playing with the earth. The light is coming from the bottom. Sure, I do some work in photoshop. I have had the picture since several days in my mind.

All my images are copyrighted.
If you intend to use any of my pictures for non-commercial usage, you have to sign them with © Daniela Hartmann, Please write a comment if you have used it and for what purpose. I would be very happy about it. I am curious about the context in which the image is used.

If you have any commercial usage, you need to contact me always first. USE WITHOUT PERMISSION IS ILLEGAL.

You find some of my photos on Getty Images.
My name there is "alles-schlumpf".

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