Oxygen4Energy Reviewed

Oxygen4Energy Reviewed

Did you know that you can actually get concentrated Oxygen in a can and then sell it within a Network Marketing business model? Well you can with Oxygen4Energy who are based in Lake Forest, California.

This is probably one of the more bizarre MLM creations that I’ve seen, but very interesting none the less! This company have developed an aerosol type can that contains oxygen enriched air, it has no harsh chemicals with it and is diluted with ambient air to make it safe for human use. By keeping a can with you at all times you will never be short of pure air when you need it! These are being sold by the company through an MLM business model.

Obviously we all need oxygen to survive, just a few minutes without it and the lights go out. But having a highly concentrated oxygen blast every now and then can offer increased performance, both mentally and physically.

Oxygen4Energy are in their prelaunch phase right now and plan to go public this month, it will be interesting to see what the masses think about this product and if indeed it will sell.

This product is very popular with some (quite a few actually) athletes, who are using the product. There are video testimonials from most of the athletes on the company’s website. So already this product has got some good credibility.

Assuming that these air cans make a difference as they are claimed to, then the price could be regarded as reasonable. Bought in a 4 pack they retail at 10 dollars each or if you by them in boxes of 70 then it will be 6 dollars per can. The more sporty people of our society maybe more attracted to this product rather than your average man or woman, but only time will tell.

Getting involved with the business side of it

Right now it’s free to join this company if you are purchasing products, then after the year is up, it’s a fee of $ 19.95. This company operates on a unilevel pay plan which pays down five levels deep for Gold achievement or more. If you want to qualify for their infinity bonus and earn the big bucks then you need to work your way up the grid to Platinum level. The highest rank you can attain is Diamond. You can also purchase product for personal use or resale for up to 49% off the recommended retail price. There is plenty of scope in this opportunity to make a good promotional and residual income.

You can also earn up to 20% profit on sales of air cans from your internet website which the company will give you. They will also give you a website that promotes the business opportunity.

Regarding the training that this company will give you, there isn’t much information about this on their website. Most likely they will tell you to make a warm list, and prospect friends and family which is cool, but you will get a lot further if you gain some extra knowledge about generating leads on line

A review of Oxygen4Energy by J T Hicks. To find out the right way to create the ideal combination of internet & network marketing for Explosive success, go to the writers network marketing training website.

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