Pimp Your Screen for Your iPhone

Pimp Your Screen for Your iPhone

It is often the case that we are likely to change our mobile phone’s wallpapers to show up, especially for girls just like me. As an iphone user now, I am very confused with changing the wallpaper of my iphone 4, a symbol of fashion. Fortunately, I have found a useful app that allows ios users to change and customize our ios with our wishes. It is the so called- Pimp Your Screen

As we know, It’s the mobile device equivalent of showing up at a social event in the same outfit: Carrying around an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad that sports the same wallpaper as everybody else. With Pimp Your Screen from Apalon, you can minimize the chances that your iOS device will look indistinguishable from everyone else’s. The $ 1 app offers a broad selection of well-designed wallpapers for iOS devices of all sizes, making it easy to customize your new look.

Pimp Your Screen runs on iOS 3.0 or later, but note that if you’re using the older operating system, you’re limited to adding wallpaper to your lock screen. To customize your home screen wallpaper, you’ll need to run iOS 4 on your device.

Here’s how it works: you swipe through Pimp Your Screen’s exclusive wallpapers, and if you find one you’d like to use, tap Save. The app will save the image to your camera roll (the same place that photos are saved when you take a photo); you then set that new image as your wallpaper, just like you would with any other photo.

Users can customize their wallpapers further using the Lock Screen and Home Screen Maker feature, which allows users to select a wallpaper and overlay shelves, icon skins, or other images on top. It’s simple to use and is a nice way to make a wallpaper your own.

Believes it or not, I have tested Pimp Your Screen on my iPhone 4 and ipod touch, it turned out to be working well for these two devices. It loads images quickly and didn’t have any noticeable bugs. Regardless, Pimp Your Screen is fun to use, offers a broad selection of wallpapers, and makes it easy to customize images. If you’re looking for a quick way to give your iPhone or iPad its own unique look, this app is a great option.


This software allows you the freedom to design the background pattern, icons, and so seductive content.

You do not need to select the pattern in the album and then return to the main screen to see the effects. This software allows you to instantly preview the effect of changes in the background.

Featured Content:
* Support for the resolution of all iOS equipment
* Neon portfolio / icons halo / software architecture
* IPad had screen can contain any
* Category display
* The most popular and latest label
* Unlimited custom possibilities

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