Private Seller Or Used Car Dealer Is Better To Purchase 2nd Hand Cars?

Private Seller Or Used Car Dealer Is Better To Purchase 2nd Hand Cars?

Having your own car is fairly joyable to many Britons; however how to buy one is not easy.  Although the reccession is basically over, its fallout still remains to some extent. Having considered this, a lot of people have decided to buy a second hand from either a private seller or used car dealer instead of a brand new car.



But therein lies the choice for many people – do you go for the used car dealer or the private seller? This article discusses some of the issues that might come up when making this decision. Both have certain advantages and disadvantages, and carefully looking at these will help you come to a conclusion about which to go for.


When you roll up to a used car dealer you are often confronted with a wide range of cars to choose from. And that’s one of the main advantages to buying from a used car dealer – the fact that you can find a wide range of vehicles in one place. This also means you can seek the advice of the salesperson in order to determine more clearly if a given car meets your requirements and those of your family members.


Many people choose a used car dealer because they can sometimes provide some attractive offers – such as free roadside assistance services and similar attractive offers. But one of the main reasons car buyers opt for a used car dealer is the fact that they provide a warranty of some kind. This can be the clincher for many people.


Compare the warranty situation with what people get when they buy from a private seller – there is invariably no warranty. Any spoken agreement as regards the quality of the car and how the seller would accept a return are of course very difficult to prove – often impossible.


But on the plus side, private sellers often sell their cars for a lower price than their used car dealer counterparts. This is because, in most cases, the private seller will have lower overheads than the used car dealer. It may also be because they wish to make a fast sale – which can be good and can be bad (for example if the car is of lower quality than they suggest).


There are clear pros and cons to both second hand car buying options – and it is worth taking your time when deciding which to go for.


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