Ps3 Console Great Value For Your Buck

Ps3 Console Great Value For Your Buck

the PS3 Console is going to get stronger as the next coming months come they are known for there good products ps2 one of the best gaming platforms ever I’ve had one since launch and had purchased one for my son with free online and hd blueray player and wifi all in the box its the best being I had one since launch I had the chance to see it get better as time passed I’ve had no problems with my PS3 Console not like my (360 on my 6th one and tired off it always dieing on me they said they found the problem but its still there) so if your looking for something that is good for the whole family from a hd blueray player to a gaming console its the choice for you at 299 and not to mention that the PS3 Console will have motion controllers better than the wii in the spring so you can upgrade from your ps2 or wii PS3 Console is the best value period


I have to admit, I wasn’t to thrilled when the 1st images of the Slim popped up. I have always loved how my 60gb PS3 Console has looked and performed over the years. but now that I have a Slim in my hands is a nice piece of hardware and for $ 299, no other gaming console can hold a candle to it.

Pros: Its lighter, Quieter, and more energy efficient. Watching DVD’s or Blue Ray movies was kind not my favorite thing to do because once the fan kicked on I wasn’t pleased. Now this thing runs as quiet as can be and I am loving it. The console being lighter is also a plus. Now when I pick it up, I don’t have to worry as much about dropping it. The larger it is the harder it will fall. Also, while I liked how the gloss finish looked the switch it a matte finish was a good idea. The gloss looked prettier but over the years, it has collected many scratches, marks that cannot be removed, and dust collection is more visible on the gloss. With the matte, I suspect after a few years the console will still look as new as it did on day one. The gaming experience is unchanged.

Cons: The only real complaints I have is that the features still don’t quite stand up to that of the 60gb model. Without Backwards compatibility, memory card readers built in and 2 additional USB its a bit of a let down for those of us who own the original 60gb model. While these features might not mean a whole lot to new buyers, they are still nice to have. the only other thing I can think of that’s a con, is that the start up time seems to lag a bit behind the fatter models. while I have no conclusive evidence for this, I have noticed load times to be a few seconds longer. This is not something that will ruin the experience or should keep you from purchasing one by any means. It’s just something I have noticed having been an owner of the original launch system.

Other then that this is a great buy. You cannot go wrong. With the system only being $ 299 and having a great line of exclusive games coming down the pike, this is the ultimate system to own. The old complaints of „it doesn’t have any games” and „its too expensive” are long gone. With the 360 Elite, a system plagued with hardware and OS failures and no blue ray player priced the same; the PS3 is the way to go. Most stand along Blue Ray players (good ones. Not Vizio or Magnavox, I am talking Sony and Samsung player) still priced at $ 299 or more, the PS3 Console is still the best Blue Ray player on the market for the money.

Get this console if you looking into buying a gaming system. Free Playstation Network is also a plus.

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