Ps3 Consoles – A Class Console!

Ps3 Consoles – A Class Console!

Even though I was about 8 years, no real contact with consoles, I’ve gained I now, after some thinking the PS3 Consoles Slim.

Main Crucial reason was only that Fifa 10 (new with my local club here) on the console looks best, and that I can then play it out with friends for free over the Internet.

Why do I have to write a review before I could put my original plans anyway? I will explain in detail in the following:

It is, as already known to look possible with the PS3 Consoles Blurays to store movies, create photo collages, and also store music on it. Thus it is also possible to reach the Internet, the PS3 Consoles is able to replace an entertainment PC COMPLETE! This I would normally cost around 700 euro approx.

On the whole, the PS3 Consoles reminds me a bit of an iMac to be in „entertainment mode operated” with remote control. Everything super comfortable and a clean menu.

But back to the play and its general quality:
By the Cell processor the PS3 Consoles, it is possible to produce a picture quality with which a PC can not keep it in general, and certainly not in the price range of 300 euro!
It is much easier to play with friends over the Internet, because the PS3 Consoles almost everything almost automatically brings up to date and there is thus no patch exists more chaos.

Briefly for Slim:
Since I use the PS3 Consoles just for entertainment purposes, it does not bother me in the slightest that it is no longer possible to install Linux.

For me, the low, low power consumption, but above all, the increased hard drive capacity, the crucial reasons why I prefer the PS3 Consoles Slim to the „old” PS3 Consoles.

Who has ever toyed with the idea to buy a new PC because the newest games no longer function properly, which was to take jedenfall the PS3 Consoles, the whole area as it is at least as good if not better coverage than a PC for 2000 euro 😉

Oh yes, the Blurays should not forget! Also, because of the price a bargain for movie lovers! (the average price of a current BD players is around 190 euro – 200 euro

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