Ps3 Consoles – Above All The Critics

Ps3 Consoles – Above All The Critics

Well I’m an avid gamer and I have owned all of the consoles from the NES and Saturn all the way up to the 360. I really like this system because it is has an operating system similar to a computer. Not to mention it’s the only Console that comes with a Blu-Ray player for free. You can use almost any bluetooth device, USB device or Media device with a USB interface with the PS3 Consoles. Most are plug and play but, if you wanted to you could install a separate operating system like Lynux or the like to run whatever you want.

On a Lighter note the games are great. This console is geared towards the adult gamer but does offer plenty for the whole family.

Bottom Line:
If you Like to play games, watch movies, surf the internet, sort photos, and pretty much have a computer that is connected to your TV then buy this PS3 Consoles.

PS3 Consoles – Best Console to Date

Being an avid gamer and having owned both previous Playstation consoles, I will be the first to say that PS3 Consoles is the most complete experience of any console ever made. The hardware itself is the most powerful today, and leaves lots of room for optimization and power. Since the PS3 Consoles console is compatible with many media formats and also includes a web browser, it can be looked at as a complete multi-media package rather than just a console. The most important thing to note is that the PS3 Consoles has some of the best exclusives of the generation, with many returning AAA titles such as Gran Turismo and Metal Gear Solid. Of any console I have ever played, I recommend the PS3 Consoles the most.

PS3 Consoles – Buy This Console

I just purchased this model from amazon and I love it. It doesnot play ps2 games, but in my opinion it doesn’t need to. I checked with gamestop and ps2 games are being fazed out as we speak, and only about 13 titles will be released this year for ps2. So if you don’t mind it not playing your old ps2 games buy this system. The graphics are very good for my non-hd t.v. I have a wireless router so I have my ps3 in a different room and it picks up the wifi signal with no problem. I recommend this to anyone!!!

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