Ps3 Consoles – Entertainment Powerhouse

Ps3 Consoles – Entertainment Powerhouse

For less than the more popular xbox 360 you get a high def blu ray player included, the only gaming system to do so. The online gaming is free compared to $ 50 for xbox. PlayStation Home provides a free virtual chat room. Tons of free content on Playstation Store including game demos, movie trailers, and a news show. Many updates to games (including new characters and vehicles) are also free.

Games are high def blu ray discs as well, providing superior graphics for an amazingly realistic experience. The Playstation saves me space and money by including the blu ray player, and has so much free content and online play it is far superior to other gaming systems out there.

PS3 Consoles – The Best $ 400.00 I Have Ever Spent

I am a movie and gaming fanatic, and I have to say that in both areas, the PS3 Consoles delivers in spades. On one hand, you have a high end cpu bringing to life amazing gameplay, images, and sounds, giving you the most impressive graphics this side of Crysis, via Metal Gear Solid 4, Resistance 2, Little Big Planet, Call of Duty 4, etc. On the other, you have the best blu ray player on the market under a grand.

It loads faster and gives a sharper audio and visual than standalones that cost hundreds more than the PS3 Consoles, has wi-fi and ethernet internet connections for quick and easy firmware updates, and the disc playback memory is insane. Take out the blu ray you were watching, turn the PS3 Consoles off and unplug the system. Plug it in, turn the machine back on, insert the BD, and you are right back where you left off…

I will not lie, when the PS3 Consoles was marketed at a much higher price, I was one of many who thought that was ridiculous. However since the price dropped I purchased the PS3 Consoles myself; I have to say the current price is reasonable to the quality you get in this machine. You can upgrade your movie and gaming system to HD in one purchase. If you were to buy, say, a 360 (which I own and love, it’s just not as much of a deal as the PS3 Consoles), and a blu ray player, that’s a minimum 500 dollar purchase for barebones on each. This is anything but.

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