Ps3 Consoles – Good

Ps3 Consoles – Good

They’ve made it better, stronger, faster, they have the technology.

You just can’t beat rolling a blue ray player into a game console. It’s been years since it’s release and (good) blue ray players are still priced from $ 120 on the low end to +$ 200 at price-hiked retail stores. I’ve backed up all my DVDs on to an external hard drive and put them in storage, and now I can watch any of them through the system.

Oh, and Netflix works on it now as well, I’ve been watching Faulty Towers(sp?). Lastly, the gaming aspect of it holds some of the best exclusive games. Uncharted 2 for example walks the realism line now with 1080p high definition. When you cut out the price of Microsoft’s Xbox360’s accessories, Online membership and controllers that „Omnomnom” all the batteries, the extra ($ 50?) retail cost of the PS3 starts to make sense.

I previously owned two Xbox360s, they both broke down after about a year, during that time I also broke two controllers. each Dual Shock 3(ps3) controller is rechargeable with USB2.0 and has incredible distance. I was lucky enough to get 2 of them with my purchase. I was pleased to find the connections are the industry standard HDMI cables, so there was no ‚special PS3 Consoles ‚ connectors I needed to buy for Hi-Definition TV’s. It’s also very quiet and the new model (slim) makes even less noise.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I got a next-gen console for about $ 75, thanks!

PS3 Consoles – I Love

I love my PS3 Consoles.. I had it for almost two years now never gave me any problems.. I bought the 40g PS3 Consoles and later changed the hard drive to a 320g PS3 Consoles console… And with the recent update from playstation center I now have wifi on my console for free.. I guess no matter what type of ps3 you own (40g,60g,80g) they all have wifi!… just some didn’t have the program to turn it on.. I have already add 100+ full lenght movie, 478 songs, 1000+ pictures, and 10 demo’s from playstation store, and 2 full games download.. all inside of my PS3 Consoles!… And I still have 74g of free space left to use up… All I do is turn on the ps3 and pick what ever movie I want to watch, music I want to listen to, chose a game I want to play, or just surf the web without ever getting up from my seat!.. I love this machine!.. anyone needs help doing any of these things I did just e-mail me I will try and get back at you..

one advice, invest in a good intercooler for your PS3 Consoles, it runs pretty hot after awhile… I have 12 intercooler fans cooling down my PS3 Consoles when it’s on…
other then that enjoy your new entertainment console!!!….

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