PS3 Yellow Light Fix

PS3 Yellow Light Fix

Like many PS3 users, I was distraught by the sudden failure of my PS3, only fifteen months after purchase, and felt taunted by that obstinate yellow flashing light. I asked Sony for help and was told that, as it was out of warranty, I would have to pay for a replacement at my own cost.

Scouring the internet for information, I came across It almost seemed too good to be true, but spurred on by my desire not to pay two hundred dollars, I dug deep for the thirty-seven dollar asking price. I was happy to see the SSL logo while paying, and before long I had access to the full package. I was happy to see that I wouldn’t need any equipment I didn’t already have, and I was impressed by the volume of information I had received. I knew right then that I had made the correct decision.

What do you Get with the PS3 Light Fix?

There is a comprehensive E-Book and several videos, with added sources of information and help such as access to the members’ section and forum. The contents page showed me how many options I had in dealing with this problem myself, and I was overjoyed when the very first solution (motherboard issues) in the e-book fixed my problem completely! The directions were so easy-to-follow and detailed that I nearly forgot I was a complete novice at technology repair. My PS3 was humming away beautifully at the end and it had taken less than an hour!

I am delighted that my problem was solved, but knowing that I have several other solutions to try should my PS3 ever fail again is the best part. I saved money and learned about my PS3’s internal workings, and to top it all off I still remember the technique. The exhilaration of solving such a distressing problem so easily is reason enough to purchase this fine kit.

Mandy has been writing stories and articles from a very young age on any flat surface she could find.  Scouring the internet for information, she came across to fix her PS3 yellow light problem.

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