Recipe Of Turkey Burger

Recipe Of Turkey Burger

In this article, a recipe with the main ingredient is Turkey meat, an excellent source of energy and low fat will be introduced.


Ingredients for Two

2 Turkey Burger Patties

Lettuce (your choice, Romain operates best)

1 Tomato

Barbecue Sauce

2 Whole Wheat Buns

2 Slices of Soy Cheese (I use pepper jack for the burgers, but American and Cheddar functions fine as well)

Seasoning (use your prefered burger seasoning)

To start, if the patties are frozen, defrost them using the defrosting cycle on the microwave for in regards to 5 minutes. Running them under hot water for a few minutes has quite much the same effect. Heat your pan up, and make sure you spray amidst Pam, so the burgers won’t stick (No, don’t use butter. It may taste better, but Pam is not as full of calories and fat)

After the pan has heated up, place both turkey burgers on and sprinkle through seasoning (Not too much, too much sodium sucker good for you.) When the turkey burger patties are done cooking they’ll be a nice brown color and brown all of the way through, generate positive there is no pink left.

Cooking the burgers will take awhile, so now is the perfect time to turn your respect to the tomato and lettuce. Slice the tomato until you have enough for your burger and wash and cut the lettuce.

Warm up the buns. I find it best to toast them slightly in the toaster oven. Add a little bit of the barbecue sauce to your buns and you are all but done.

Now the turkey burgers are probably done. Before you remove them from the heat, put the soy cheese on top of them and allow the cheese to melt slightly. Then remove the burgers and add to the buns. Place the tomatoes and lettuce on top of the pattie, payback with the top bun, serve and enjoy!


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