Several Tips to Fix Cracks at Hinges on Your Laptop Case

Several Tips to Fix Cracks at Hinges on Your Laptop Case

Some laptop cases have plastic parts such as hinges. You will find that these parts are easily to crack because of the stress to the case. Thus, it is important for you to fix the crack so that you can use the case as the crack is fixed. But, you have to make sure that you have to be gentle with your laptop case after fixing the crack so that the next crack can be minimized. Follow the following steps when you want to fix the crack in your laptop case hinges.

You should open or close the case fully. This is done in order to access the crack easily. If you can access the crack easily, you will get the easiness in fixing the crack. After you can reach the crack, you should clean it thoroughly. You have to be sure that the crack is totally dry before starting fixing it.

You will find that there might be two kinds of crack you can fix. The first is small crack and the second is large crack. For the small crack, you just simply press the plastic together. You have to make it as close as possible before filling it with standard super glue. After the glue is attached well on the plastic, wait for few minutes before releasing it. Also, you have to be sure that the glue is totally dry before moving the case.

Meanwhile, the large crack might require you to use a soldering iron. When you want to use this equipment, you should plug this into a wall outlet. After it is heated up, you should melt the plastic on the both sides of crack and stick them together. You will find that this will make the plastic bind together. But, you have to make sure that it is deeply melted and quite heated before binding them together.

Those are simple tips that you can follow to fix the plastic laptop case hinges. After fixing the cracks, you will be able to use the case as usual. But, make sure that you use them gently so that the next cracks will not come to your laptop case.

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