Should You Replace a Cracked Window?

Should You Replace a Cracked Window?

It happens more often than you might think – and for lots of different reasons as well. Cracking a window may not seem as big an event as a smashed window, but this is the very reason why a swift replacement is always a good idea.

When you spot a crack in a window – or you know that one has appeared – it is easy and tempting to take a look at it and think it will suffice just as it is. But the truth is that the pane of glass is now not as strong as it was before. It would take a lot less pressure to break the whole window than it would if the window pane was intact.

This means your home – or shop premises, if you own one – will not be as secure as they would be otherwise. A solid pane of glass is much stronger than a cracked pane, no matter how big or small the crack might be. Obviously the bigger the crack is the less safe it is too. Would you let your children play near a pane of glass that was cracked and therefore in more danger of falling out at any time?

A cracked window can also provide an easier point of entry for anyone wishing to gain unlawful entry to your property. They may still have to break the window fully but if there is a crack present it will provide a weak point they can focus on. As you can see, it really does pay to make sure any cracks – however big or small they might be – are tended to as quickly as possible.

The weather can also play a bigger part in determining how long a window lasts once it has a crack in it. Let’s say your area is hit by a storm (not a nice thought, but it does happen as we all know). If the winds increase and they swing round to batter the side of your home that has the cracked window, you can probably guess that it may be too weak to withstand the onslaught. This means you could end up with a broken window just when you need it the least.

Cold temperatures can also make cracked glass weaker and more prone to breaking completely. Another possibility is that small cracks will end up getting bigger anyway, leaving you with the job of getting the window replaced sooner or later.

In truth, it doesn’t have to be difficult to replace the glass anyway. If you opt for a window replacement as quickly as possible, you will solve the problem and still have a strong and perfect window to protect you from the elements. Doesn’t that sound like the best possible option for the short and the long term?

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