Tips on iOS AssistiveTouch

Tips on iOS AssistiveTouch

As an old Apple fan, I always plan to share my experience on iOS tips. Every time I try to conclude tips on iOS, there will be a big upgrade of iOS and many features are changing after upgrade. Today I will introduce the AssistiveTouch on iOS to you and hope you like it.

Actually, iOS provides assistivetouch long time ago, but as the old version of it is really difficult to use and not many iOS users know it very well. However, after the new iOS release, it also brings us a brand new AssistiveTouch to users. It becomes a perfect instead of the Home button and makes the Home button has a long life. Today I will introduce you how to use the AssistiveTouch

It is first introduced into iOS as an assistant for people with disabilities. Nowadays, after the update it becomes an important role to protect the Home button and it makes some operation much easier.

Firstly, we need to find how to set the AssistiveTouch. Go to „Settings” and enter „General” and find „AssistiveTouch” option. Open it and you will find a round picture, yeah right, it is the „AssistiveTouch”. Click the icon and you will find that it includes 4 parts. Each part represents the functions corresponding. It is really easy to understand.

The next part is „Gesture”, click „Gestures” and you will see 2, 3, 4, 5 four different gestures. Those gestures represent many troublesome operations. For example, if you have an iPad 2 and you need to use 4 fingers slide from down to up to come to the Task Manager Menu. But if you click AssistiveTouch’s 4 and you just need one finger to finish the operation. Just imagine that if you are really busy or it is really cold outside, use one finger is much better to use four.

AssistiveTouch’s last important function is „Favorites”. To use this function you need to create a gesture and you can use it. In the AssistiveTouch interface, you will find the „Create new Gesture” option. Click it and you can create your own gestures easily. The gestures you created will be found in the „Favorite” option. For example, you have set a gesture for the game „Fruit Ninja”. You can easily open the game without find it on your iPad 2 from different apps.

After you set your own gestures you can easily find and open any files and apps. It is really shorten our operation. There is a lot of such features in iOS 5 and AssistiveTouch is only one of them. Hope you also share you own tips on how to easily enjoy our iOS devices and share them with me.

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