Tokyo Without Power

Tokyo Without Power

Tokyo, one of the most populated and richest cities in the world, was left in blackout. A number of stores closed with an announcement that no commodities left and construction activities were cut off temporarily. Especially, citizens are facing up to the fear of nuclear fallout. To another extent, French government supported the residents to return by offering free airfare. Embassies of other countries in Tokyo have been looking for some approaches to move citizens to home as soon as possible.

The majority in Tokyo affirmed something worse was going to become true at the nuclear power plant Fukushima 1. The deadly fallout is kept away as far as possible. Many of other people have found ways to come home by themselves, despite troubles when traveling a lot of routes. Kezia Poole, a British 23-year-old teacher lived in Japan for 13 months told that he would fly to Australia to get some fresh and pure atmosphere; he could not wait too long there.


A corner at Ginza, Tokyo was left without electricity. Citizens either evacuate or stay at home in fear of fallout.

The corner at Ginza, Tokyo in a normal day

Tokyo at night

High buildings in blackout

A taxi driver is reading newspaper while waiting disrupted transportation.

No lighting advertisement banner

Most of people are discouraged to go out

The view from the high point

An evacuated student found it hard to study in Tokyo.

Despite few people in streets, there are numerous passengers at the airports.

Shelves in supermarkets were empty



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