Turkey Shoots Down a Paper Tiger

Turkey Shoots Down a Paper Tiger
His choice of words in reaction to Turkey's downing over Syria of a Russian jet—he called it “a stab in the back”—was redolent of another leader who spoke of stabs in the back, and not one whose regime broke any records for longevity. Mr. Putin …
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Assemblyman Jim Cooper Hosts Turkey Giveaway
Thanksgiving isn't the same without a turkey. But for many, buying a bird can be too expensive. On Tuesday, Assemblyman Jim Cooper helped lessen the burden for some Sacramento families by having a free turkey giveaway. Hundreds of people lined up at …
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How to Cook a Faster, Juicy Turkey with a Salt Crust
Wrap the wings in tin foil and coat the turkey in butter, both under and over the skin. Follow up with your choice of glaze (in this case,the lemon zest, thyme, and honey), which will keep the skin from becoming overly salty. Insert stuffing, if …
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