Turkey's Diplomatic Dogfight

Turkey's Diplomatic Dogfight
MADRID – Turkey's downing of a Russian warplane risks opening a new front in the violence engulfing Syria, thereby dashing the hopes for a rapprochement between Russia and the West that had arisen in the wake of the Paris massacre. With Russian …
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Caught Between A Turkey Leg And A Political Diatribe? We're Here To Help
It starts with seemingly benign questions: Who are you voting for? Did you see that exposé about candidate X on Facebook? Before long, somebody is storming off to the basement or slamming the mashed potatoes on the table. And playing Adele's new song …
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RT journalists injured in shelling on Syria-Turkey border back in Moscow
Two RT crew members and a TASS journalist, who were injured when an anti-tank shell hit their press convoy near the Turkish-Syrian border, have arrived in Moscow from the Russian airbase in Latakia. TrendsIslamic State, Russian anti-terror op in Syria.
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