Web-based Diagnostic Tool for iOS

Web-based Diagnostic Tool for iOS

There are lots of diagnostic tools for computer and software. Have you ever heard about diagnostic tool for iOS devices? In this page, we are going to share you a rumor on web-based diagnostic tool for iOS. Now read on to know more about the details.

According to Hardmac, a French technology site which mainly concentrates on Apple news, Apple is going to equipped their service personnel with a remote diagnostic tool for iOS devices. This tool will send diagnostic information to Apple’s technical staff. Allegedly, the iOS diagnostic tool enables the device to start the internal checks and send the inspection results to Apple server.

Besides inner parts inspection, this diagnostic tool for ios devices can also help technicians diagnose and repair the equipment failures via telephone. Because of this function, it saves time and time and energy for both Apple users and maintenance personnel. Because iOS diagnostic tool can only operate when mobile phone is starting up and able to run the mobile version of Safari browser, it can only be used to detect the following information:

Battery status, load level, time since last full charge; The minimum discharge of the battery; The iOS version you’ve installed; To know whether the phone is shutdown normally last time.

There is no information indicating that whether the tool is used to detect if the phone has jailbreaken or not.

That’s all about the rumor on web-based diagnostic tool for iOS devices. If you want to know more new rumors on Apple devices, you can just refer to iPhone 5 rumors , new iPad rumors and rumors about apple tv set . If you want to know how to fix the iTunes errors, you can just get the result from how to fix iTtunes 1611. Want to convert videos or DVD movies to your Apple devices, then you should turn for help to the best DVD and Video Converter on Windows or the best video converter for mac according to your computer operation system.


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